Sleeping in Sacrament Meeting

In sacrament meeting today we thought we lucked out when the speakers ended about ten minutes early and one of the bishopric members went straight to the closing song without having someone bear a testimony or something. What we didn’t know was that we had the slowest chorester and organist in the whole church in our ward. The hymn was Who’s on the Lord’s Side? which is supposed to be played energetically but was played as slow as cold tar. I usually love to sing but because it was so slow I stopped singing. To top it all off the guy who said the closing prayer said the longest prayer I have ever heard in a regular church meeting. While he was praying the kids were getting really antsy and very noisy. When it was all over BYUFan whispered to me “That was one hell of a prayer!!” So we ended up getting out a little late instead of a little early. So how was your Sunday?


  1. Holy time waster Batman! I have never, ever, in my entire life, heard a song played so slow or heard a prayer so long. That prayer was so long that people were looking around and kids (not mine – I would have thumped them with a knuckle to the noggin) were just flat out talking out loud. When I went home teaching later this afternoon both my companion and the family we visited couldn’t stop commenting on how slow the song was. I don’t know why the organist and the prayer person felt the need to intentionally waste 10 minutes of everyone’s life. Do some people feel ripped off if they don’t get a full 3 hours?

  2. Now that I am the nursery leader I feel ripped off when Sacrament meeting doesn’t go over. 10 minutes extra? That makes me livid. Maybe your prayer was married to the Nursery leader?

    Very funny story though, and great reaction from BYUFan.

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