Grocery shopping and car troubles

Mondays are busy working days for me since I don’t do much housework on the weekends. Today while I was at the grocery store a funny thing hapened when I was in the produce department. While I was busy picking out some nice peaches, Samuel decided he would like to try a delicious looking pepper. Before I knew what was hapening he was tugging on my sleeve and pointing to his mouth and saying “It’s hot, It’s hot!!” Then he promptly spit the stuff into my hand and headed directly for the drinking fountain to cool himself off (not that it helped very much). He spent the rest of the shopping trip sticking out his toungue trying to get rid of the bad taste in his mouth. I hope he learned his lesson that you shouldn’t go eating produce unless you buy it or ask someone what it is first.

On my next errand I was going to Sam’s Club to get some gas for my car. After getting gas I got in the car and expected to drive away, but the car wouldn’t start. So I got a couple of guys who were pumping gas next to me to help me move my car to the parking lot. I tried to get the car to start but it wouldn’t and one of the guys helping me said that it sounded like it was the car’s battery, so they gave me a jump start and I headed straight to the nearest auto parts store and got a new battery, now my car works just like new.

Now I hope the rest of my week is better than today.

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  1. Kelly

    You sound so easy and calm about the battery. Car trouble is such a frustrating thing! My battery has been plaguing me for months, but it was under warranty so I had to take it into the dealership and there was never any time for that. I became great friends with my roadside assistance people.

    We pay an extra $1.95 a month on our cell phone plan for roadside, and they always come rescue me within 1/2 hour. (It’s embarrassing though when the car dies at the car wash, twice. You can’t act surprised like it is a fluke the second time.) Finally I got a new battery before our road trip.

    That pepper story is a classic. Hilarious! Why are Mondays always crazy like that?

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