Tooth Tale

Caroline’s front tooth has been loose for quite a while now although she has such short stubby little teeth that they don’t wiggle much even when they’re loose. I wiggled it last night and decided that it was finally time to come out. I subscribe to the plain and simple yank-the-tooth-out-with-dental-floss method. None of those fancy tie it to a door knob or tie it to a brick techniques for me. I tie the floss on and then count one-two-three; however, I yank on two and the tooth is out before they even know it.

In my experience, upper teeth are harder to pull out than lower teeth because upper teeth don’t have an hourglass shape that the dental floss can get good traction on; however, Caroline’s tooth came out rather easily without the floss slipping. She was excited to show it off and pose for the camera and she got four quarters from the tooth fairy.


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