Greetings from Orlando

I’m here on a business trip through Wednesday. We’re doing an exhibit at a convention for various government agencies. I’m personally a bit skeptical about how much business we’ll actually generate by coming to this convention. Government agencies are notoriously slow and are usually underfunded. In addition, the purchasing process in many states is a politicized landmine of red tape. That being said, the bulk of the trip is being paid for by one of our vendors and we just completed a huge project for an agency in Utah that we are presenting as a case study so it makes sense from an overall business prospective. I guess that’s why I’m not a salesmen – I tend to view these conferences and conventions skeptically. I’ve never bought something based upon what I saw at a conference/convention and I’ve never really gained much technical knowledge by attending a conference/convention so I just assume that nobody else does either.

A big drawback of this convention is that it’s being held in Orlando in August. It is hot and humid. I mean really humid. Southeast Asia-like humidity. Did I mention it is humid? I’m guess that the convention center here in Orlando must give big discounts to land conventions here in August because anyone that pays full price for weather like this is crazy.

On the other hand, this convention location has a positive: I get to drive up to Jacksonville tomorrow afternoon and take Melissa and her family to dinner. I brought my camera with me so I could get some pictures of our exhibit booth and I hoped to get a few pictures of Melissa’s boys; unfortunately, when I tried to turn on the camera this morning it wouldn’t come on. I’m hoping it’s just a battery that needs recharging (of course I forgot to bring the charger) as opposed to something wrong with the camera. We really like this HP camera that is also Grandma Connie’s favorite. I personally didn’t believe Grandma Connie knew much about selecting cameras but after using this HP for a while I have now changed my opinion and have a newfound respect for Grandma Connie’s camera-chosing abilities.

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  1. Kelly

    That Grandma Connie is a gadget girl.

    Melissa and I were laughing today about all you dry weather boobs. Humidity makes your skin young.

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