A Jaunt to Jacksonville

I got home from Orlando late last night and was glad to be home. The trip went fairly well but I still prefer staying home to business travel. The best part of the trip was visiting with Melissa and her family. On Monday the exhibit hall closed at 4:00 p.m. so I hopped in the rental and drove the two hours up to Jacksonville.

When I pulled into Melissa’s driveway I was amazed to find that they live right on the edge of the woods. I can just imagine the fun that Melissa’s boys will have in the woods once they get a bit older. They had made a cute “Welcome to Jacksonville” sign for me. The boys were a bit tentative at first to see me but after reading a couple of “Cars” books to Mitchell they seemed to warm right up to me. Melissa’s new house is beautiful and their master bathroom is a masterpiece. I thought I had a big bathroom until I saw Melissa’s. Hers is unreal.

After a few minutes of chatting and touring the house we all piled into the car and went out for dinner. The funnest part for me was watching M’s and W’s antics and watching Aunt M fret over them. I liked to observe the various strategies they employed with sippy cups and making sure to order the right kinds of things to keep the kids happy. I chuckled thinking about how Nancy and I used to employ the same techniques when we had two kids that age. Of course, now that our kids are old enough to stay home by themselves, Nancy and I just leave them home when we want to go out for a nice dinner. Don’t worry Melissa, soon enough your boys will be ordering off the adult menu and then you’ll be leaving them home while you and Kyle go out and enjoy a nice dinner by yourselves.

M and W are complete opposites when it comes to eating. Mitchell just sits there with a grin on his face and eats whatever you happen to set in front of him. W nibbles like a bird and is generally opposed to eating whatever you happen to set in front of him. Of course, W perked up quite a bit and didn’t seem to find fault with the Cold Stone Creamery ice cream that we had for dessert. After dessert we headed back to Melissa’s house for a few more minutes of chatting. W surprised me by looking at my rental car and naming the make and model. I didn’t even know what make and model it was until W pointed it out. I knew he liked cars but I didn’t realize he was an automotive genius. I then said goodbye to the boys and made the drive back to Orlando.

Thanks Melissa for letting me come and see your family. I had a great time. Nothing like a little trip to see relatives to brighten up an otherwise boring workweek in Orlando.


  1. You had a lazy spell this summer where you didn’t write? Because summer is so busy you don’t have time to write and I didn’t have time to read! How FUN it was to read today. Loved every single entry, especially loved the pictures and telling about visiting in Jacksonville. Can’t wait to read every new entry now that we have survived summer.

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