Grandma Connie’s Birthday

Kelly’s been in town the past week on vacation. For her final hurrah she planned a big birthday dinner for Grandma Connie for all the available children and grandchildren in SLC. We had reservations at 6:30 for 17 people but unfortunately the restaurant didn’t quite understand the concept of a reservation (Sienfeld allusion) so we ended up waiting for about a half hour before we were seated.

I sat next to Wells, Eli, and Jack. I’m not sure how it worked out that way but the boys were fairly well behaved if a little over-talkative. Wells ordered pizza, ate one slice and announced he was full. Eli ordered macaroni and cheese, ate three bites and announced he was full. I guess the excitement of eating out with all your cousins tends to dampen ones appetite. Interestingly, one’s appetite comes back amazingly fast when the waitress comes by to take dessert orders.


Thanks to Kelly for planning the event and happy birthday to Grandma Connie.

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