Bon Voyage Cousins

The plan for Saturday was to spend all day doing yard work. I started out well and got a lot done but by noon it was so hot that I decided to pack it in and quit early. Fortunately, the second half of the day was much more fun than the first because Kelly called up and said she had a few hours to kill before going to the airport and wanted to see our house. We were only too happy to have some company on a hot Saturday afternoon and said “come on over!”. After a tour of the house and a few minutes on the XBox we decided to head over to the pool for an hour for one last summer vacation swim before leaving for the airport.

I didn’t see much of Quincy because she hung out in the kiddie pool the whole time but the older boys and my kids all had fun swimming together in the main pool.

Preparing for a chicken fight

Caroline and Quincy in the kiddie pool

Everyone was having so much fun that the time to leave for the airport came all too soon. Actually, I’m glad that the airport time came soon because any longer and I would have been fried to a nice lobster red color had we stayed any longer.

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