Where the sidewalk ends

BYUFan and I have started walking every morning so we can start getting into shape. On our way home today we walked past this sign which made me chuckle. I wondered why anyone would need a sign when they had their eyes to see the obvious. Then I realized that this sign was there because of the wonderful work lawyers do in our society today. I didn’t have my camera with so I had to wait until later. Anne and Caroline came with me to take the picture, but Anne was too embarassed to take her picture in front of it because of all the cars passing by so Caroline got to pose all by herself.


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  1. Kelly

    Ha! Annie! I wouldn’t have wanted to take my picture in front of the sign at that age either, funny. Great sign, your tax dollars at work! Our county commissioner always puts up signs that say “these trees provided for by your county tax commissioner.” Uh, no! By my tax dollars, keep the sign and plant another tree!

    The hair cut, swim and dinner recaps were great! Yea! You guys are back online!

    Oh yeah, and super job on the morning walk. I bet it is a nice little date in addition to the exercise.

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