Diana’s first day of preschool

It was momentous when my last child was finally potty trained and I could finally say goodbye forever to diapers. It is even more momentous when she finally gets to go to preschool just like her older siblings did. On the first day of class I decided to walk her in so I could get a couple of pictures, Diana loves to pose for pictures. When we finally got to class she just went right in and didn’t even look back. I got to peek in the class before I left and noticed a couple of kids who didn’t like preschool quite as much.

When I came to pick Diana up she wasn’t quite as happy. The teacher told me that when they got the kids together to get ready for their parent’s to pick them up Diana decided to wander off to a different classroom and got a little upset. I guess I need to pick her up a little earlier so that doesn’t happen again.

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  1. Wow Nancy! Congratulations, they are all in school. Quinn starts next week, she is one of those who doesn’t like it as much. But yesterday when we went to meet the teacher Quincy gave her a big hug when it was time to go. Here’s hoping!

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