Trip to Grandmas

It has been quite a while since we made the trip to Coalville to visit grandma so we decided to take a final day trip before the kids start school again next week. They love to go up to grandmas and have fun playing in the attic or playing outside. We got to grandma’s house about 1pm, the first thing Samuel and Caroline did was head to the attic. Anne loved having grandma’s undivided attention and proceeded to talk her ears off. Emily was nice and helped clean up after Sam, Caroline and Diana got done playing in the attic. We also took a walk up to the cemetary while grandma was being helped by her massage therapist. The last time we visited grandma, coco the horse was still alive, so it was kind of sad walking past the field she used to roam around in all empty. Time sure flies and we definitely need to visit more often.




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