Miss Caroline Goes To a Party

Caroline got an invitation to a birthday party. She was so excited because she usually watches her older sisters go to birthday parties or else gets to go with them but this time she was going all by herself. Nancy helped her choose a present for her friend and wrap it up. She couldn’t stop talking about it all week and I think everyone was a little bit glad when Saturday rolled around so she could finally go. This morning she aksed me about 20 times, “How many minutes until I can go to the party?”. The last half hour Caroline waited on the front step until Nancy walked with her down the street to her friends house.


She came home full of candy, party prizes, and excitement. To her credit, she was gracious about sharing her candy with her siblings. I’m glad she got to go and do something fun on her own instead of under the shadow of her older sisters.

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  1. Lori

    Aw, cute “middle kid” story. Great picture, too–I like her haircut and her long bangs.

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