Saturday Chores

Today was devoted to getting the yard/garden ready for winter. We didn’t plant a garden this year because we were busy putting the ladscaping in during the spring but we plan to have a great garden next year. This summer the garden had accumulated a very healthy growth of weeds including the two worst kind of weeds on the planet:

Goat’s Head Weed (Tribulus terrestris)

Field bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis)

The Goat’s Head Weed is also called Punctureweed and it lives up to its name. It can easily puncture a bike tire and can sometimes puncture a car tire. Nancy hates it so bad that she calls it the Evil Weed. Field bindweed is also known as wild morning glory or creeping jenny. It is a horrible weed that has the most incredible root system. It can store a 2 year supply of energy in its roots so even if you pull the weed, it may still come back after two years. It is so hardy that it has even been known to survive bulldozer operations.

These weeds were taking over the garden and starting to expand their empire into the lawn so the time had come for a counteroffensive. A week or two ago Nancy sprayed them with Roundup and today we spent the morning and afternoon digging up the roots of the field bindweed. According to various agriculture websites, field bindweed must be controlled (i.e. dug up) every two weeks during the summer and every three weeks during the fall if you want to prevent the weed from spreading. After weeding we also spread out the big pile of mulch that has been sitting at one end of the garden for the entire summer along with the summer’s accumulation of grass clippings. A final pass with the rototiller to break up the soil and till in the mulch and grass and we are ready for the winter.


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