Another Great Saturday

Today was another great weekend. It’s always great when there is a BYU home football game and the Cougars win. This morning Nancy and I slept in then went out for a long walk. After the walk I mowed the lawn while Nancy made brunch. I ate brunch on the back patio with the birds twittering and my waterfall splashing.

Do they really like football or do they just like the treats?

After brunch we got the girls ready to go to the game. Sam and Diana went last week with Nancy so this week it was Emily, Anne, and Caroline’s turn. It certainly didn’t seem like it would rain after such a nice morning but Nancy told me that we should expect rain and she packed the ponchos into a backpack for us to take. By the time we reached the game it was cloudy and sprinkling and in the second half it was downright pouring. No worries – we just whipped out our ponchos and were toasty and dry.

Thanks to Nancy for packing the ponchos!

The Cougars had a good game against Air Force but I’m still not convinced the Cougs can duplicate their success of last year in going undefeated in conference play. Next week the Cougs will be on the road at New Mexico which should be a pretty good test for them.

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