On Comments and Commentors

Check out the new comment I got in the post about our couch: New Furniture.

My thoughts on this were:
1. I like the couch
2. It’s good to get unbiased feedback even if the opinion expressed is different than my own.
3. The commentor doesn’t really know what I paid but I suppose one could make an argument that the couch is so ugly that no matter what I paid it was too much.
4. Yippee! Someone beside a friend or family read the blog. In this case, this was the second comment ever from a person we didn’t know. Our first comment came from someone that found our blog through Kelly’s blog. Unforunately, Kelly took away her link to byufan.net. Bummer, she was our biggest provider of new traffic! My email address went out to a mission reunion list so I suspect this is someone that came to our website because they saw my email address and wondered what byufan.net was.

As far as comments/commentors in general go, I have the policy that I’ll allow any comment as long as it isn’t spam. This site doesn’t get any traffic to lure the whacko type commentors. Perhaps some day I’ll have to worry about that – but not today. So, fire away with comments and I’ll be happy to approve them (all comments go through moderation to prevent spam) – even if I don’t agree with them.

UPDATE 10/04/2007 09:57:00 – I just reread the post where I confessed at the end that we probably overspent on the whole project so I think in this case the commentor was simply agreeing with my own conclusion.

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  1. That’s hilarious! What a funny way to spend your time, dissing couches.

    I don’t remember that post, but now that I’ve seen the room in person I’m trying to remember if the couch did in fact not go with the room. I was transfixed by the painting and the piano. Sorry, your couch was so unmemorable. I do love the filing cabinet armoire ditty. That’s exactly what we need, somewhere to store the music.

    My personal opinion is all furniture is too expensive, but since I am unwilling to put it together myself, then I’ll just keep paying too much!

    #4, I generated traffic? Aw shucks. I think byu fan is what generates the traffic. Everyone wants to take a look.

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