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What does “the drumline looks good Danny!” mean?

One of my neighbors coaches the drumline for the BYU marching band. Although I don’t suppose that he reads this blog, he is aware of it’s existence. Thus, I thought I would give him a shout out just in case he is bored enough some day to start reading our blog.

What does “covering the spread” mean?
Covering the spread is a term used frequently in sports betting. In college football, it’s not enough usually to bet on who will win – you have to bet on how much they will win by. Thus, when BYU fails to “cover the spread” it can mean one of two things – they won but didn’t win by a large enough margin to win the bet, or they lost but lost by too great a margin to win the bet. This wikipedia article will give you a good idea about sports betting. Read it and you too can start throwing around phrases such as “Dang! The Cougs didn’t cover the spread but at least I got the over-under. I didn’t break even though because of the bookie’s vig.”

Have we eaten our Halloween Candy?
Yup – it’s all gone. Nancy helped the kids (forced them) to conserve candy and it lasted for several days. Kelly’s method of letting them eat all they can hold in one night and then tossing the rest sounds interesting – we might try that next year.

Did Nancy make Anne’s costume?
Nope – that was a Walmart special. When I was watching Diana after she was done trick-or-treating I noticed that she was wearing the princess dress that Nancy made years ago for Emily. That dress is actually quite a good piece of work – the lower sleeves have a zigzag patter stitched into them that is really nice – you just can’t see it on photos. I think Nancy has a talent for sewing and I try to encourage her to sew more. I think maybe she should start up a custom costume business or something like that. She said she wanted to take more classes first so I went online and found out the SLCC has a “Fashion Institute” that has lots of different intermediate and advanced sewing classes. I told Nancy she could register for class and I would tend the kids while she was in class but so far she hasn’t really investigated it yet.

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  1. Mom

    I have always thought Nancy does super amazing sewing work. I can’t imagine you need classes, just confidence that you already do worlds better than almost anyone. Nowdays, if you enjoy sewing, you have more ability than most because sewing has turned into an art or a craft and is rarely a necessity. Well, except for short people, then hemming and remodeling is a necessity and I can’t imagine anyone enjoying that! You should go for it Nancy! I usually don’t like to make comments, except I have to say: THAT PICTURE OF Buddy ASLEEP WITH HIS HAT IS THE CUTEST PICTURE EVER!!

  2. Lori

    Wow, I think you may have a really fantastic idea there. Nancy, I would buy a costume from you, or even request one on commission. Check out this website: it’s a girl from my mission. She is doing so well that a couple of months ago she sent out a fairly panicky e-mail to missionary friends asking if anyone wanted to sew tutus to help her fill orders, at your own home with your own machine. She didn’t say what she would pay.

  3. Kelly

    Dang! I should have been Nancy’s first customer! I need a Pilgrim costume for Friday, Native American Princess the last week in November and Roman Goddess for May! Crazy costume stuff these days, and big girl costumes are hard to come by.

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