Indian Princess

In the past few years I have not been able to spend much time sewing because of such things as taking care of 5 kids, building and moving into a new home etc. Just lately though the sewing bug has come back since I made Sam’s costume for Halloween. BYUFan’s sister Kelly asked me if I would be willing to make her an indian costume for a cub scout function and I jumped at the opportunity. I bought the needed materials on Tuesday, started sewing on Wednesday and was finished by Friday afternoon. I could have had it done quicker, but I only sew in spurts because one or all of my children always seems to need me for something. Now I just hope Kelly likes the costume and that it fits well.



  1. Holy Cow Nancy! Are you kidding! That is awesome! I’m speechless, well obviously not. But HOLY COW! Thank You! Sewing is one talent I yearn to have. Just awesome!

  2. Now Nancy just needs to make a few more costumes for people and then I’m going to set up a website and start taking orders for costumes (or other custom sewing projects). I just need to figure out a good website name and convince Nancy that she’s good enough to do it (she always says “I’m not good enough”). She also says “but my costumes would be too expensive – I can’t compete against $20 costumes at WalMart”. I just tell her that if she does a good job people will be willing to pay for quality work.

    I know we can make a better website than various sites I’ve seen out there. Check out this site for Creative Costumes. I guarantee we can make a better website than that and our website won’t play “dance little chick” music when you click on it.

    Anyone else need a costume?

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