Thanksgiving Day

Today was an excellent Thanksgiving Day. In the morning Sam and I played football in the yard while waiting for the turkey to cook. When the turkey was done, Nancy made gravy, corn, and mashed potatos while I set the dining room table. I decided to pull out Grandma Connie’s china just to make things extra special. We had our Thanksgiving feast about 3:00 in the afternoon so everyone was nice and hungry.

Our Thanksgiving feast

Our Thanksgiving feast was a bit non-traditional in that Nancy made a seven layer dip. Not exactly what your Grandma would make on Thanksgiving but we all liked it. The kids did a pretty good job of eating in at the dining room table without making any stains on the chairs or carpets. After dinner we took a nap, played trains in Samuel’s room, played a game of Clue, and ate Nancy’s pies. You couldn’t ask for a better Thanksgiving.

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  1. Kelly

    I think you are mistaken about the tradition of the 7 layer dip! Did you forget how mom used to strongly dislike the arrival of the 7 layer dip that would fill everyone up while her beautiful bird was roasting in the oven!

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