A Great Time to Be a Cougar Fan!

Yesterday BYU beat #6 Louisville in basketball. Today the BYU football team beat the Utes with a touchdown in the last minute. It’s definitely a great time to be a Cougar fan!

Emily, Caroline, and Sam went with me to the game. We dressed warmly because it was cold (below 40) but it was nice and sunny so it was a great day for football. We left a little earlier than usual and were glad we did because traffic was bad on the way down and it took forever just to make our way to the stadium parking lot once we got to Provo. Samuel and I had to wait forever while Emily and Caroline went potty before the game (the line for the women’s restroom was way long) but we still made the national anthem and kickoff.

Waiting before the kickoff

The kids were pretty good at the game. Samuel is starting to become more of a fan of footbal as opposed to just a fan of nachos and hot dogs. He gets excited when someone scores a touchdown and likes to look at the scoreboard to see who is winning and losing; however, he’s still a bit fuzzy when it comes to figuring out which team has the ball, which team made a first down, which team scored the touchdown, etc.

Caroline got really excited when the Cougars ran out on the field and BYU fired off their cannon. She didn’t say anything but I could tell she was excited because she came over and gave me a big hug. When the Utes when up by a point with 1:30 left in the 4th quarter Emily started to get a few tears but that was a good sign for me – it means my kids are interested in BYU winning the game.

Cheering on the Cougs

In the end the Cougars came back and won it by converting on a 4th and 18 and then going on to score a touchdown. We all cheered and high fived and watched the students rush the field after the game. Sam wanted to go down on the field and I did too but I decided against it. Perhaps we’ll rush the field when he gets a little older.

I had a really good time going to games this year. It was fun to take the kids so often and start establishing traditions. I’m also pleased that Sam is starting to like sports and be interested in the teams and what is happening in the game. Overall it’s been a great weekend for BYU sports. But it doesn’t end yet. Tonight BYU takes on the #1 ranked team in the country in basketball – North Carolina. Is it too much to hope that the Cougars can pull off another stunning upset?

UPDATE: 11/25/2007 11:33 p.m. Unfortunately my beloved Cougars couldn’t pull off the upset of North Carolina. They hung tough for most of the game but fell apart the last five minutes of the second half when they went on a big shooting draught (partly because NC really stepped up their D). Overall the Cougars acquitted themselves well and got plenty of love from the ESPN crew (I generally don’t prefer to listen to Dickie V because he constantly fawns over Duke and the ACC but I don’t mind him so much when he’s giving love to the Cougars) and the Cougs have a shot at being ranked after this weekend. Even though they didn’t beat the #1 team in the country, it is still a great time to be a Cougar fan.

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  1. Nancy

    Whoa! BYUFan sounded like Darth Vader there trying to bring Eli to the dark side. Of course BYU is the Bright side and not the dark.

  2. Lori

    BTA is not a regular reader, but I e-mail him whenever you have a particularly good post, give him the blogsite, and instruct him to go have a look.

    Buyer beware on taking Eli to a game. I took him to a Real Salt Lake game at the end of the summer. He lasted 10 mins before he started whining for treats. Once the treats were gone, he lasted another 2 minutes before whining to go home. But if you do invite him, I will give him strict instructions on no whining and try to prepare him for a 6 hour event. Hah, that would be funny if you indoctrinated him blue. (Not that his dad is very red, but still…)

  3. BYUFan

    Does Bryan read this blog? If so, we’re honored. I didn’t realize we had any other readers outside siblings and the occasional person that happens to stumble across it.

    Regarding Eli’s fandom: I’ll take him to a few games next year and his indoctrination as a Cougar fan will become complete.

  4. mom

    Great picture of the fans and great comment from Lori.

  5. Lori

    Awesome! I tried to call you when the Cougs were up 9-3 or something, but I didn’t have your cell number in my cell phone!

    Bunny will feel anxiety when he reads this post. He’s worried that he’s falling down in his dadly duties by not encouraging Elijah to like watching sports.

    On Weds morning, Eli’s last day of school last week, he got all anxious because there was something about wearing red or blue and he wasn’t sure what…I explained the rivalry and told him he could choose either team, because his dad is a Ute alum and his mom is a Coug alum. He started to get teary. I suggested that if he were worried, he should wear red, because more kids would be in red than in blue, and because Utah fans are meaner and care more about the rivalry. I totally could relate to Elijah’s anxiety–first time I ever faked sick was my freshman year of high school when I didn’t want to dress up for Freak East. Eli decided to wear a white tee shirt. When I drove the carpool to school, we saw several kids walking down the hill wearing giant red afros and red U’s on their cheeks.

    When I picked up his carpool that afternoon, he was his cheerful self again and announced to the carpool that he had decided to be a BYU fan because his mom went to BYU. Ha.

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