Guess Who’s Twelve?

I have always told my girls that they had to wait until they are twelve before they could get their ears pierced. Even though Emily won’t be twelve for a few more days, Saturday is the best day to go because there is no school and Anne can stay home and babysit. Earlier in the week I searched on the internet for places to get your ears pierced. I was definitely not going to go to a shady place in SLC so I decided on a store in the mall. So we were off to Claire’s, but what I didn’t realize was that it would be really busy because of all the Christmas shoppers. There was only one clerk in the store so we had to wait a little while until another showed up. Finally the time came to get it done. Emily was slightly nervous, but she did a great job,she only flinched a little bit when the earrings went in.

Emily is happy but nervous

Emily is happy and grateful it’s over.

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  1. Lori

    Happy birthday, Emily. I meant to call and ask how you liked your first day in Young Women?
    Your pierced ears look even nicer in person.

  2. Kelly

    Whew! I bet it is a relief to have the poking over with. But how beautiful. Congratulations Emily! They look awesome!

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