Too Stodgy For My Own Good

Emily’s plan for the science fair was to see which kind of apple rotted first. Unfortunately, she procrastinated things and now the science fair is only three weeks away. No way is an apple going to rot in the next three weeks in Utah’s dry cold winter weather. No way do I want semi-rotting apples sitting around in the house for the next three weeks. I decided that we better write a letter to Emily’s teacher asking to change Emily’s project. I was doing my best to be official sounding and authoritative in the letter because I didn’t want any hassles from the teacher. As I was typing up the letter Emily said “Dad, you have a big vocabulary”.

I’m not a lawyer but after years of writing Statement of Work documents I’ve gotten pretty good at generating lawyer-like jargon. Let’s just hope it doesn’t backfire with the teacher telling me to effectively shove my overly officious letter by not letting Emily change her project.

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  1. mom

    A science project? You mean something other than cutting pictures from a National Geographic Magazine project? Let us see pictures when the seeds germinate. You folks have a few science projects yet to come along, bet the soap project sounds good before you are finished! Actually, is it true that hardened, older soap dissolves slower than newly purchased bar soap? But wait, nobody uses bar soap any longer — still sounds like a good science project investigation…

  2. BYUFan

    Emily’s teacher sent back a note that made me crack up. She was fairly formal in her note as well and, while giving approval for Emily to switch projects, put in a little bit of chastisement for the fact that Emily has had two months to work on the project. At any rate, we’re now going with “Does soft water affect the ability of a seed to germinate” project which I think will actually turn out pretty cool.

    We’re glad you read our blog Jackie – sorry we slacked on posting for the last month but we should be more regular now. Send us a link to a photo of your table when you get it.

  3. Jackie

    Comically easy? It was an eye opening project -that required weeks of preparation! I’ll never look at a bar of Irish Spring Soap and not have a flashback.

    I was dropping by to tell you that my husband gave me the Ethan Allen table for Christmas…all I have so far is a nice postcard..but it should be here in a couple of weeks..I saw your post & thought I’d tell you the soap project..I see my BFF Kelly beat me to it!

    Jackie M.

  4. Kelly

    Offer to have Emily keep the rotting apples in her desk at school if the teacher has a problem.

    If she gets to change it, our friends did a comically easy project. They tried to determine which bars of soap dissolved in water faster, or something like that.

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