Gingerbread Houses

Before Christmas I was doing my regular grocery shopping when I saw that they had on sale the gingerbread houses that come in a box and you just have to put together and decorate. I thought at the time that the kids could make them the night of the W. Christmas party at our house. I soon came to the realization that there would not be time to do it that night and that we would have to do it some other time. Meanwhile Christmas came and went and we still didn’t have our gingerbread houses up and decorated. The kids finally bugged me so much that we finally made them right before New Year’s Day. I put the houses together and the kids had fun decorating them. It got a little bit messy but they turned out pretty well and they looked good enough to eat. Actually the kids in the end did try to eat the candy and the houses, but the boxed gingerbread and candy are not as good as home made.


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  1. caroline

    that was fun! and I still remember that day.

  2. Anne

    Emily and I wanted to eat those gingerbread houses because they are meant to be eaten,but mom wouldn’t let us.

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