Christmas is the one day of the year that all of the kids look forward to. Inevitably mom and dad stay up late on Christmas eve and are woken up way too early by the kids excited to open all the presents that Santa brought. That is what hapened to us this year.

In these two pictures all the kids look worse than mom and dad did. When there is no school or on the weekend Emily usually sleeps in and on school days I have to pull her out of bed. You can definitely see that she that she would rather be in bed and have Christmas a little later. The younger kids look more excited.

By the end of the morning all the kids had opened there presents and were busy playing with their toys. In the background you see Emily playing Guitar Hero and in the front is our little Diana with the remnants of the chocolate candy that came out of her stocking and out of any other stocking she could find. You can also tell that her favorite gift was a princess dress up. She is just so darn cute!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Anne

    yes, you do Emily.

  2. Emily

    I look verry sleepy in those pictures

  3. Lori

    Okay, so the first two pictures coming right after the description of kids waking up at the crack of dawn with excitement–hilarious! Even Diana looks a little hung over in the first picture. Too funny. Love the chocolate face princess.

  4. Kelly

    She is so darn cute! As is poor Emily the teenager in the first picture. There is always that first Christmas where you realize you aren’t a kid anymore. Love the scowl.

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