Another winter storm

I have lived in Utah for about 14 years now and this has been the snowiest winter yet. It seems like every week there are about two storms and one of them dumps about a foot of snow. Last night we had another doosie(sp?). It wouldn’t have been so bad, but the wind was so strong it made the snow pile in large drifts. One part of the driveway had tons of snow on it and the other had little. About 6pm I decided to clear the driveway so it would be easier for BYUFan to pull into the garage. He was supposed to be home early so we could go to new beginnings with Emily. I got done about 6:50pm and still no BYUFan, I couln’t call him because he left his cell phone at home so Emily and I had to go to new beginnings without him. When we got home about 8:15pm still no sign of BYUFan. Finally about 8:30pm he shows up, it turns out he left work about 6pm and it took him over two hours to get home. Poor BYUFan, he didn’t have time to have dinner because he had to head straight to Bishopric meeting. BYUFan will have to tell you about his adventures himself to give it full credit.

This morning we got around to shoveling the rest of the driveway and I took a few pictures.

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  1. mom

    Hey, I’m already worrying about you getting up on that roof again. Maybe July you can call a big ladder company since you have to fix that high spot on the front? How in the world are you going to fix that without a big ladder? You know, I bet you can’t even see the Christmas lights if you left them up year round. The neighbor who destroyed our view (pumpkin house) left lights up all year round and just turned them on again. Granted, a few spots didn’t work but hey…. We did make a few pithy comments about pumpkin leaving them up all year however. But haul out that mountain climbing gear again and anchor up safely!

  2. mom

    love the pictures and wondered how you SLC folks were doing the night of the breaking news storm.

  3. Lori

    Aw, I’m feelin’ for BYUFan going hungry to Bishopric meetings after being stuck in traffic, for Emily going to new Beginnings wondering where Dad was.

    Love the snow! The only thing I don’t like is digging out the mailboxes for the mailman after the plows go by and leave that cement in the end of the driveway and the gutters.

    Oh yes, and I don’t like our neighbors who don’t shovel. Natasha took a bad spill walking to church on Sunday where it’s not shoveled and we have to climb out into the street. There is a three foot snowbank in one area of the sidewalk. After she fell on Sun, I marched up and knocked on the doors, but no one answered. So on Monday I called the municipal guys and asked them to come take a look and cite my neighbors.

  4. Byufan

    The wind blew the fascia off the roof about a month ago. One of these days I’ll get up there and put it back on – but not before winter is over.

  5. Kelly

    I just can’t get over your winter! I also can’t decide if coming to ski in a few weeks is a good idea or not. I’m afraid we’ll never get out if we go!

  6. kent

    Amazing. I wonder if your new neighborhood catches more snow that the places you lived the previous 13 years.

    Your home and neighborhood look wonderful in winter. Reminds me of an upscale ski retreat. Looks from the front view of your house like you have a little ice damage. Or would that be man made from the guy who hung the Christmas lights that probably won’t come down until summer?

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