A Doubtful Experiment

I always get excited during the winter for gardening during the spring/summer. Unfortunately, I tend to lose my excitement once the hot weather of full summer takes hold and Nancy is usually left with the daily task of watering and caring for the garden.

This winter I decided to experiment and try something we’ve never done before planting raspberries and strawberries. Actually, we’ve planted strawberries before but the kids usually pick them when they’re small and tiny so we’ve never harvested any legitimate strawberries. I ordered the raspberry and strawberry plants in early winter and the grower is supposed to ship them to you when it’s the right time to plant for your area. The raspberries showed up yesterday with a notice that they should be planted as soon as possible.

Raspberries do better in a cool climate so our plan was to plant them on the north side of the house where they would hopefully not take such a beating during the summer. Unfortunately, I don’t think the grower took into account the amount of snow we’ve received this winter because although the weather was nice today, the ground on the north side of the house is sopping wet – classic Salt Lake Valley clay.

Canes in the mud

Nancy and I dug a trench and filled it with mulch from a drier part of the yard then planted the raspberry canes. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait at least another year before we find out whether this experiment will produce any fruit. Based upon my experiments in growing anything other than the easy vegetables (corn, beans, tomatos, carrots, peas), the raspberry experiment will likely be a failure. Oh well, it will be fun trying and if we’re lucky then we’ll have a nice patch of Heritage red raspberries a couple of years from now.

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  1. Byufan

    I think they are all pulled out. If not then I’m pretty sure they don’t grow any more.

  2. Lori

    Mmm, raspberries. My favorite fruit. If anyone can grow them, you can. I thought Grandma L had pulled out those raspberries that used to be below the kitchen window?

  3. mom

    Hey, Grandma L has a patch of raspberries that have grown for years. If anybody can grow them, I think you guys and do it! Isn’t Bear Lake the raspberry capital and isn’t that a cold wet place?

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