Sam’s Broken Arm

Last week Nancy sent the kids over to the playground for a few hours. They’ve been off track for a couple of weeks now and are driving Nancy nuts so she takes every opportunity to get them out of the house. When I got home from work, Sam was in house bawling that he hurt his arm. I don’t know how he fell but we’ve experienced enough broken arms in our child-raising adventures to think he likely had a buckle fracture based on the way he was holding his arm. It was getting kind of late to take him to the doctor that night and he wasn’t in too much pain so we decided to just give him some Tylenol and schedule an appointment with the doctor the next day. Man, it’s tough for a guy to get some sympathy when all of your sisters have had broken arms before you. Waiting also had the added benefit of being able to schedule Diana for the same time.

Samuel’s Broken Arm

When he got back from the doctor Sam had a splint on his arm and a smile on his face. Apparently his break wasn’t severe enough to require a cast (bummer, I always like seeing what crazy color the kids pick for their casts) so they said to just leave it in the splint for several weeks. The biggest problem with the broken arm is that it’s his right arm and the splint they gave him limits the use of his fingers so he makes a mess at the dinner table. Maybe in another week we can trade out for a different splint – one that lets him use his fingers more.

Can you spot the break? I certainly can’t

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  1. Lori

    Aw, poor Buddy! Does this mean everyone but Diana has had a broken arm? Amazing.

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