Spring Cleaning


Our garage has been accumulating dirt and junk all winter: piles of Christmas lights, tools lain around, dirt/snow crud on the floor. Today it was unseasonably warm so Nancy and I used the opportunity to give the garage a spring cleaning.

Dirty Garage – as usual, Sam wanted to be in the picture

We spent the afternoon sweeping, organizing and picking up while the kids rode their bikes around and enjoyed the nice weather. After a good scrubbing and rinsing of the garage floor we were able to enjoy the fruits of our labors.

Clean Garage

Moving around the power equipment gave me the idea to go out and till the garden. Tilling the garden in the spring is a tricky issue. Do it too early and you end up with a muddy mess that later dries out into hard-packed dirt clods. Do it too late when the soil is already dried out and you end up with a swirling dust cloud.


Fortunately, I timed it right and the soil was a nice crumbly condition after tilling. We’ll give it another tilling in a couple of weeks and then be ready for the early-season plantings.



  1. Wow, looks good. Remember my suggestion that we give homemade Christmas gifts? How about if you and Nancy draw my name or Bun’s and come do our garage! I want it to look just like yours.

  2. Wow BYUFan, I am impressed, you do look much skinnier in this photo. How much have you lost? I feel like I have stalled out on my weight loss but that is partly because I freak out and weigh myself every day. I am down about 50lbs since December but when you are big as I am it is difficult to see. Keep it up you really are looking good.

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