Texas’ Book Report


This is a picture of Texas’ second book report this year. She had to read her book and then make a float that represented what happened in the book. She wanted to choose an easy picture book at first but I made her choose one that had more words and not so many pictures. She chose a Junie B. Jones book because those are the ones she is really into lately. Junie B. Jones Toothless Wonder is very applicable to Texas lately because she is at the age where teeth seem to be falling out right and left.

Texas was just recently seen by the orthodontist who recommended that she have four baby teeth taken out to make room for the permanent ones. Luckily for her one of them was wiggly already so she got that one out with the help of her dad the other night. Now the dentist just has to take out three teeth. I just hope she is not like me when I was a kid because I was somewhat combative if anyone tried to give me shots or do procedures that I thought might be painful.

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  1. Awesome float Caroline! Art projects as homework always get me in a snit, because it ends up being more work for the parents. But when I see someone else’s like this I think “HOW CUTE!!” Way to go Caroline!

    Good luck on the teeth. We are well acquainted with dentists and orthos here. They have great new technology in the way of magic jellies and potions that keep you from even noticing the needles, let alone the actual pulling. And the tooth fair coming for three teeth at once! You’ll be as rich as Bill Gates!

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