Texas is our first child to have cavities and yesterday we went to the dentist to get them filled. I got her ready before hand by telling her that the only pain she might feel would be when the dentist gives you medicine so you won’t hurt so much and that it would not be as bad as a shot that she gets at the doctor. So I picked her up from school about 1:30pm and on the way up she questioned me further on about what would happen at the dentist and what would happen after she was done. She was pretty nervous but when push came to shove, she came through like a trooper. She sat in the chair and did not fuss one bit and the dentist got done in no time. She got to choose two prizes when she was done which made her happy. She even felt good enough to go to piano lessons just an hour later. It just goes to show you that our children can show us that they are braver and more capable that we ever thought.


  1. Way to go, Caroline. I remember thinking it was so unfair that I got lots of cavities and BYUFan didn’t get any, because I brushed regularly and he didn’t.

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