New Braces

Today was the day that Emily got her braces put in. She was definitely apprehensive about getting braces put in in the first place. She thinks she looks funny. The thing is, most of the girls in her class at school and at church have braces too. I think she looks really cute in her new braces and I hope that she will brush and take care of her teeth so they will look good when the braces finally come out.

This is when the technician was showing Emily the proper way to floss with braces
I had Emily give me a big smile as we were leaving the orthodontist


  1. Woo hoo Emily! How are you feeling the day after? They look awesome! It’s true, seems like everyone has braces, so at least you are getting them on now instead of later when everyone is getting them off. I agree with your mom, I think you look cute too. Something about braces make kids look so grown up.

    Wells’ braces have been on for a year now and I can’t believe what a difference there is compared to looking at pictures from a few months ago. The no candy and gum thing are Wells’ biggest bummer.

  2. Good for you Emily!! You are adorable. Grandpa Kent was telling me how cute you look in the big smile picture with braces. The picture is even better, you look great. I’m so glad your mom got that picture and so happy you gave a big smile. You have a beautiful smile, good for you for showing off the braces! I agree they make young people look more grown up and show the world you are a little kid any longer.

  3. Hey, does anyone notice that Diana’s head can be seen at the bottom of the third picture? When Emily and I saw that, we burst into laughter for some strange reason.

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