Sams Birthday

Because Sam got a friend party for his birthday this year we decided to hold the party a few days early so we could do it on the weekend. Sam invited 5 or 6 friends over – neighbor boys and friends from school. Sam wanted a pirate-themed party and his special request was to do a treasure hunt with an “X marks the spot”.

Waiting for the guests

The plan was to play games like “pin the beard on the pirate”, bingo, and duck duck goose for a half hour before the treasure hunt. Of course, things don’t always go as planned when dealing with a pack of little boys. They spent about 2 minutes playing bingo, 3 minutes playing pin the beard on the pirate, and 2 minutes playing duck duck goose before they were ready for the treasure hunt.

Pin the beard on the pirate – Anne drew the pirate

The treasure hunt involved several picture clues and took them from one side of the yard to the other. The X marking the spot was out behind the rocks along on the back fence. The treasure was a sack of party favors for each boy and what turned out to be the hit of the party – squirtguns!.

Having a blast

After a quick bite of cake and ice cream, Nancy filled the squirtguns and sent the boys out in the back yard to have at it. They spent the last 40 minutes of the party squirting each other and running back inside to get their squirtguns refilled. We should have known that no organized game could possibly be as much fun for six year old boys as simply as running around with squirtguns. Happy Birthday Sam.

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  1. Kelly

    Congratulations Buddy! What a great party. I bet it is fun to have things like squirt guns and pirates at a party at your house for once. Very cute!

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