Family Photo

Sam got a little poster from school for his birthday that had a place for his picture and a picture of his family. I got the camera out today and snapped a quick family photo. It’s virtually impossible to get all five kids to smile at the same time so we usually end up with various stages of frowns, smiles, grins, and other weird looks on the kids’ faces. This photo is no exception.

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  1. Lori

    Hey, you need to learn to work the delay timer on your camera–your family photo is missing someone very important.

  2. BYUFan

    Looking at this photo reminds me that I need to hire an interior decorator to help us accessorize, get drapes, throw pillows, etc. If wishes were fishes…

  3. Kelly

    Aw, but it will be priceless in 20 years.

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