Saturday Project

My project for today was to clean up the stone walkway on the north side of the house.

The lightweight mulch was a mistake

One regret about our landscape was our choice of chopped mulch. The mulch blows and swirls in the wind and gets in the grass, the walkways, the stream, and everywhere else. We’ve been gradually scraping the mulch off and dumping it in the garden (it works great to loosen up our crappy clay soil) but we still needed to address the messy stone walkways.

What a mess

I’ve looked at a number of different kinds of edging but they’re either too flimsy or too expensive per foot. We finally found this black edging stuff at Home Depot that is sturdy and inexpensive. The only problem with it is that Nancy doesn’t think it looks very good.

Putting the edging together

Nancy and I spent most of the afternoon digging a trench, putting together the edging, backfilling the flowerbed, raking things smooth, and sweeping the walkway.

Ready for planting moss and creeping thyme

I don’t mind the way it looks. It certainly looks better than no edging at all; however, Nancy is determined to get something different for the front yard so I’m only allowed to put it in the back yard. We’ll eventually plant some moss among the stones on this north walkway where it stays wet and cool

Overall I’m very pleased with the way it turned out. I hope it will help keep mulch out of the walkways and perhaps kids out of the mulch (I wish). Now I’ve just got to do the south side of the house but that project will have to wait until our backflow prevention valve gets replaced (it froze this winter).

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  1. Lori

    It looks nice. crisp and clean. What do you think about those curvy concrete borders that you hire out for someone to come pour? I have no idea how much it costs.

    Big project–and then you got up at 5 the next morning and were gone all day–no wonder you were hungry and beat last night!

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