I thought it would be fun for all the kids to be in spring soccer this year. Last year the four older kids all played and Diana got left out. This year it was her turn to be able to play too. One bad thing that happened was that Emily and Anne’s age group didn’t have enough girls sign up from our area so the County Rec-Center people moved them way down south and west to play with the girls out there. The only problem with that is we would have had five kids playing soccer and trying to go north and south would be impossible as well as expensive gaswise. BYUFan and I decided to pull them out and try to get our money back, by the way I am still waiting to hear back from them.

We are now three weeks in and the kids are loving it. Diana loves to stand by her coach and talk her ears off and occasionally she will chase the ball with the other kids. One time she and another teammate kept chasing and kicking the ball even though it was totally out of bounds. The coaches had to chase them down so the game could continue.

Texas loves to run around and be a part of the team, but she tends to be timid when the ball actually gets to her. She will kick it when it comes to her but sometimes it does go right through her legs.

Sam is the kid who just runs around in the crowd and doesn’t even get close to the ball. His favorite thing to do is to sit on the blanket with all his other teammates and play until it is his turn to go in again.

It will be fun to see how this season ends.

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  1. Kelly

    Love this! Why is it so cute to see these pictures, but when I think about dragging off to another of our soccer games so my soccer star can play on the swings instead of actually get in the game it makes me dread the season? The soccer field might be the rare and lone occasion where I think other people’s kids are cuter. Love Diana’s gigantic shirt! Too bad they didn’t let the girls play on a boy’s team. Your girls could take em!

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