Diana’s Spring Sing

Today was Diana’s annual Spring Program at Challenger School. They held it at 9:00 a.m. so I just went with Nancy to the program before heading to the office.

Having five kids in Challenger School has made us pretty familiar with the contents of the program – the format doesn’t change much from year to year. Still, it’s fun to see the performance each year even if it is fairly routine for an audience member.

We managed to forget the video camera even after we had charged it up. Fortunately, our handy little HP camera can take videos and they turned out pretty decent for such a small little still camera.

One good thing about Diana’s rendition is that she seems to sing and do the actions a bit more energetically than some of our other kids have in the past. I seem to recall one year one of the kids spent the entire time doing big yawns and one year one of them was grumpy and didn’t sing or dance or do anything.

Diana did such a good job that after the program Nancy took her out to get a treat while I headed to work.

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  1. mom

    Good for our vibrant, happy Diana. What a fun little caboose she is in your family.

  2. Lori

    Challenger, that’s my school

    hip hoooway hip hooway!

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