The Ugly Duckling

Texas has been excited the past week or so because her second grade class has been getting ready to perform the play about the Ugly Duckling. She is constanty reminding me of the day and time that it is to be so I won’t forget. I have tried to get her to sing some of the songs she has learned, but she says that I just have to wait until I go and see her play. I guess she wants to heighten my curiosity so she can be sure I will be there. Of course I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

So on Wednesday April 9th I arrived at the school about fifteen minutes or so before the play was to begin. Diana and I got pretty good seats and we sat and waited. All the kids came walking in and took their places and luckily Texas, who was playing a pig in the farmyard, was on the side where I could take her picture without any other parent in the way. The bad news was that the kids who sat in front of her blocked a good view of her instead. Luckily when she had to say her lines she got to go up in the middle by the microphone so I could see her well. She remembered all her lines and she sang all the songs very well. I was really proud of her.

Next time any of you family members see Texas, make sure you ask her to sing the song the mean farmyard animals sang to the ugly duckling before she turned into a swan. I wish I remembered the title.

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