Leaving Las Vegas

I’m sitting in McCarran airport. It’s 102 degrees outside; probably 80 degrees inside. Plane is 1.5 hours late. Airport is crowded. I’m tired. People are cranky. What a way to end a long day.

I flew in this morning for a quick technical conference (why is it so popular these days to start conferences and seminars on a Sunday?) and am flying out the same day (hopefully).

One good thing about Vegas is the great people-watching it provides. There really is “one of each jellybean” as the popster would say. The outfits that people choose to wear on their Vegas trips really crack me up. In the last half hours I’ve seen a lady in what appears to be a bikini strolling through the airport and a lady wearing a winter coat in the heat. I think she must have been a drug smuggler. Who wears a winter coat in 102 degree weather?

Overall, I don’t mind coming to Vegas. It’s trashy and dirty but it’s definitely entertaining… as least for the first two hours. After that I’m ready to leave.

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  1. Lori

    Funny! Good writing. Wish you had a camera to catch the bikinied and furry ladies. Or not. They might have decked you if they caught your flash.

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