A Surprise in the Window Well

This afternoon as I was headed outside to get the garbage can and put it away, my next door neighbor called me over to look inside her window well and see what was inside. I peeked in and I saw what looked like a big ball of fur. My neighbor didn’t really know what it was and I didn’t either. Luckily she had already called animal control and all we had to do was to wait a few minutes until they arrived to finally see what was lurking inside the window well. My neighbor went inside for a few minutes so I decided to run and get my camera so I could take a picture or two. Just as I got back outside the lady from animal control showed up with a cage and a stick with a rope attached. As she was trying to get the rope around the animals neck, I was able to shoot a couple of quick pictures of the animal which turned out to be a pretty big Raccoon. Once the thing was securely got around the neck he was promptly taken to the truck and taken care of. It was great how quickly everything was wrapped up. My neighbor didn’t even get back outside in time to see all the fun. Luckily I took pictures and quickly printed them off for her.

Ball of Fur
Raccoon in the Well
Raccoon to the Truck


  1. Hey, cool, somehow I missed this post! Nancy, do you know who your neighbor called to come take care of the raccoon? When we had raccoon trouble last spring, I spent nearly an hour on the phone getting the run around and we finally took care of the raccoons ourselves.

    It looks like that is a fairly small one in the picture–was your sense that it was a baby or a full-growner?

  2. I think the lady from animal control came pretty quickly. I am sure we couldn’t have taken care of the raccoon ourselves. I thought the raccoon was pretty big, but I haven’t had much experience with dealing with raccoons.

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