Ever Been to Toronto, eh?

I spent last week in Toronto. We’re partnering with a Canadian company on a forms processing deal that would be the biggest deal in the history of our company. We flew to Philly on Monday night, spent the night in the airport hotel, and left early Tuesday morning for Canada. We worked on the RFP response Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and then spent Friday flying home.

Looking out from my hotel – Lake Ontario, the Rogers Center (where the Blue Jays play), and the base of the CN tower

Toronto was an interesting place. The Toronto area has about 5 million people and the city itself had a very cosmopolitan feel. I enjoyed walking down the waterfront on Lake Ontario and watching the dinner cruise ships (“booze cruise” is what the locals supposedly call them) set sail, walking through the “entertainment” district with theaters and restaurants, and gazing up at the CN tower out my hotel window while trying not to get dizzy. The CN tower was the tallest structure in the world until the Burj Dubai passed it just last year.

Looking up at the CN tower

Our Canadian partners were pretty good to work with and I chuckled to myself each time I heard an “eh”. We got the RFP response done on time so the trip was productive. I’ll probably have to go back to Toronto in a couple of weeks to do the final pitch to the customer but it’s definitely a city I wouldn’t mind visiting again.

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