Hello from Honolulu

Last week Toronto, this week Honolulu. Our company has a contract with a Hawaiian government agency which will involve an estimated 14 man-weeks here in Honolulu. All of my staff wanted to come for this project but I keep telling them that it’s going to be all business with very little time 7for play.

Luckily, Delta has a direct flight from Salt Lake to Honolulu which makes the trip out here not too painful. The only problem is that the direct flight back leaves Honolulu at 9:00 p.m. and arrives in Salt Lake City at 7:30 the next morning. There’s nothing I hate worse than red-eye flights.

The government office is near the Mariott Ko Olina resort on the west side of the Island. There aren’t a whole lot of reasonably price hotels around there so we’ll probably mostly end up staying in the tourist areas of Honolulu/Waikiki. This trip I’m at the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort and Spa. My balcony is a “beach view” but that really means if I crane my neck around the edge of the wall I can see the water.


Tonight I took a stroll down Waikiki. The last time I was here was as a 12 years old. I remember it being a dirty, touristy, cheesy place – not nearly as fun as the hotel on Kaanapali Beach in Maui where we also stayed on the same trip. This time; however, Waikiki was fun and interesting. The most fun part of it was the people watching. There really was “one of each color jellybean” as somebody I know is fond of saying. There were street performers (magicians, statue guys, artists, etc.) native Hawaiians on the beach for the Labor Day holiday, Japanese tourists snapping photos, European tourists smoking and wearing speedos and bikinis, and even homeless people pawing through the garbage cans. If you like people watching then Waikiki on a holiday is the place to be.

Unfortunately, people watching isn’t nearly as fun by yourself as it is with a friend. I kept thinking it would be fun to have Nancy with me so we could sit on a bench and chat and point out interesting sights. I really don’t plan on spending the whole fourteen weeks of the project here – that would mean I’ve failed to build up a good staff – but I wouldn’t mind coming over here at least once more. The hard part will be finding someone to watch the kids so I can have Nancy come with me.

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