I’m too old

Now that I am in my late thirties I don’t like to celebrate my birthday quite as much as I used to. This year I had a great low-key birthday. I went out to sushi, had cake and ice cream with the family, and I bought myself a new serger how can it get any better than that. I have used my serger a couple of times and it is very fun. I can’t wait until I take the class this next week and then I am going to be an expert at using my new serger. Thanks everyone for a wonderful birthday.

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  1. anne

    by the way, I do not think your too old, mom.

  2. BYUFan

    I wouldn’t mind Ginny’s color (I’m assuming you’re referring to Ginny Weasley here). Either that or jet black.

  3. anne

    no, mom! dye your hair your original color!

  4. mom

    Great post. And I see you have “advice” on your birthday now that you are in your late 30s and have lots of opinions at your house… Well, your hair always looks nice. Glad you had an enjoyable birthday. The low-key kind are best, especially with a fun new machine. You deserve it!

  5. Emily

    DYE your hair Ginny’s color of hair!

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