Christmas 2008

I was in Hawaii the first week of December on business. Being in Hawaii was nice but missing the first week of December seemed to just put everything else in the month behind schedule. We didn’t get a chance to do our annual trip downtown to see the lights. We were behind in our Christmas shopping. We didn’t get around to doing presents for all the neighbors or people at work. By the time Christmas rolled around I was just grateful for a couple of days off and a chance to catch my breath because everything else during the month had seemed so rushed.


For Christmas Eve we went to Lori’s house and had a spectacular dinner of Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese food. I ate way more than my fair share but it was so good! We had a fun program of piano recital, poems, and manger scene reenactment. It was fun to see Nate and even more fun as he carried the laptop around the house filming everything for Grandma Connie and Grandpa Kent to watch live in Hong Kong over Skype.


Christmas morning was our usual fare of presents, candy, playing with toys, picking up messes, phone calls to relatives, and relaxing. The older kids are adjusting to the fact that Santa doesn’t always bring big ticket items like iPods, cell phones, and laptops. I can’t believe that kids in 6th and 7th grade even asking for laptops but apparently having a laptop is what it takes to be cool at “South Jordan” Middle School.


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  1. caroline

    that barbie doll is now completely broken. Because we broke her head,arms and legs.

  2. mom

    Yes, thanks for the posts. I have been very bad about communicating because my December and January were certainly over-stressed and overly busy and I know what you mean. Love the pictures, great family.

  3. Lori

    Hey, cool, thanks for the links on the main page. I didn’t know you were inserting new posts into the archives.

    Cute Christmas jammies on the kids.

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