Snow Day

We had a ton of snow over Christmas and as luck would have it the kids got a new sled/saucer on Christmas morning. It was freezing cold outside the day after Christmas so the older girls weren’t interested in playing with the saucer but Sam and Texas were game so we bundled them up and sent them over to the neighborhood field. They were there for over an hour while Nancy and I worked on clearing the driveway and walks. After an hour Texas came home to go to the bathroom and Nancy and I decided to go check on Sam. Just as we turned the corner we saw Sam trudging home with the saucer in tow. He was ice cold but had been having so much fun that he ended up with a big frozen grin on his face.

Nancy and Sam coming back from the playground

After a bathroom break and time to get warm the kids wanted to slide some more but the realized that our driveway has a longer hill than the little slope at the neighborhood field so they spent time sliding down the slick driveway even though we had already cleared the snow.


Of course, the ice mounds left over from the snowplow at the bottom of the drive make for a bumpy landing but that’s just all part of the fun when you’re trying out your new toys the day after Christmas.




  1. This morning I made a pile of all of Natasha’s stuff that needed to go downstairs and be put away. I asked her please to take it all down and put it away about 3 times today. Five minutes ago, I sat down on the floor and saw… the entire pile spread out and pushed under the couches.

    She would have had to pick up each item in the pile, walk across the room, and one by one push each item under a couch. sheesh.

  2. Love it all, including the comments! Especially love the grin on Buddy’s face! Especially love it that the Nana can sit back with her own grin while the kids are doing the dilly dally on just about everything! Love it all!

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