We’re Now an iPod Family

I got Nancy an iPod for Christmas. It was the first iPod or other portable MP3 player in our houshold. I know, I know – iPods have been around forever and you can’t believe a technical guy like me has never owned an iPod before. It turns out that I’m really not all that into music. I don’t listen to the radio much. I don’t own many CDs. I’ve never really been into books on tape or anything like that. I’m just not a big music guy. All the guys at work have iPods and are constantly yapping on about CDs and bands and ripping and DRM and iTunes and blah blah blah. Frankly, I just didn’t see what the fuss was all about.

Over the last few months I’ve noticed that Nancy has been checking a lot of books on tapes out at the library and that she listens to her CDs a lot and her old trusty CD player (bought before we got married so it’s going on 15+ years now) is starting to show its age. She had been asking for an under-cabinet mounted CD player but I decided instead to get her an iPod. I researched it all out and got her a shiny new 16GB 4th gen iPod nano:


Of course, I had to help her learn how to rip CDs, learn about DRM and iTunes and all of that stuff. I had so much fun playing with her iPod that for my birthday I broke down and got myself the same thing only mine is in shiny BYU blue (of course):


I spent tonight ripping my meager CD collection; a grand total of 8 CDs: 6 classical CDs, the aforementioned Samuel Holly, and a Thai pop band called Asanee Wasan that I picked up about 12 years ago when I was in Bangkok on business. I also rummaged around down in the basement and found several sets of speakers and audio jacks and put together a little speaker system in the kitchen so Nancy doesn’t have to use her headphones all the time. We’re officially an iPod family now! Of course the kids are asking for iPods as well (Emily wants a cell phone to boot – not gonna happen) and Nancy has informed me that just because she likes her iPod doesn’t mean I’m free from the obligation to get her an under-cabinet mounted stereo system. I suppose she’ll have to wait for her birthday for that.


  1. Super fun, BYUFan! Welcome to 2002. Was Nancy surprised and pleased?

    I confess that I rarely listen to music, but I do love to download three different NPR shows each week (Wait, wait, don’t tell me; The Splendid table; THis American Life).

    And over the last year I’ve become a fan of listening to books on my ipod when I am in the car running errands or at home doing my chores (“aw, I don’t feel like cleaning the hardwood. Ooh, but if I do, I can listen to my book!”)

    Next thing you know you will be taking your car in to have an ipod jack installed.

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