Luppin’s Reward

Luppin got her Blending Badge at Challenger School. The traditional reward for getting your Alphabet Crown or Blending Badge has been a family dinner at the restaurant of your choice. The only problem with this reward is that other siblings tend to start lobbying the decision-maker and promoting their own choice of restaurant. This results in hourly changes of mind depending upon who last buttonholed the chooser.


As with Texas before, I took Luppin aside and had her choose while the rest of the family waited in the car. This way she could make her decision without the corrupting influence of lobbyists. The result: Applebee’s. Applebee’s wouldn’t have been my first choice but I suppose it was better than McDonalds (which Sam and Texas had been lobbying hard for because of the Play Place).

Congratulations to Luppin on getting her blending badge! This marks the end of an era as Luppin is the fifth of five children that have gone through Challenger pre-school.

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  1. Diana

    I love all the clothes that Natasha gives me. I would love some more.

  2. Lori

    Diana, congratulations on getting your blending badge! I love your hair pulled back with no bangs–it really shows your pretty face.

    Natasha has another big sack of too-small-for-her clothes for you if you are interested.

  3. mom

    Grandpa Kent said Diana looks like a happy doll and I agree. Wish we could join in the out to dinner and even hear all the spots everybody wants to go. Smart kids, every one – Challenger school is lucky to have taught such bright children.

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