Buddy’s VIP Program

Last Friday I was able to stand in for Samuel’s grandparents at the first grade annual grandparent’s/VIP day. This was the culmination of all the first graders work on memorizing poems and songs during the school year. Samuel was so excited about this day that he kept reminding me about it constantly. I got there about ten minutes before it started and the gym was already about half full. Since it was only me, I was able to snag a lone chair in the front on the side. Luckily I chose the side that Samuel was on so I could take a pretty good video of him singing. After all the fun was over everyone got to go with their student to their classroom and see all the work they have done and also get a roll and some juice. Samuel was excited to show me who he sat by and all the fun things about his classroom. I think the best part for Samuel was being able to leave school early and go and get a treat with mom. Samuel, you are the best first grader ever!
Here is Samuel getting ready to sing

Here is Samuel in his classroom

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  1. anne

    Mom, I know how you really want someone to write a comment here, and I have a lot of things to say on this subject, so I will leave a comment.

    My class left the classroom early one day before Buddy’s program to set up the chairs that the grandparents, (and in some cases parents,)were going to sit in. When we got in there, the 1st grade was in there practicing for the program. I got to hear one of their songs. It was about spelling. All the little, tiny first grader’s little, half-squeaky voices sounded soooooooooo darn cute! Right before my class left the gym (during assemblies and stuff like that, stands are put up)I spotted Buddy one of the rows and waved “hi” to him. He gave me a look that gave me the impression that he wanted to run away from the spot and crawl into a little hole. I have abseloutely no idea why. The End.

    (P.S.- In the second picture, see Buddy’s shirt? The kids in his preschool class drew their faces. Buddy’s picture that he drew is on the 3rd row of children on the shirt and third from the farthest left. You know, the one with the really thin head?)

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