Flag Football

Every spring BYUFan and I sign up all of our kids for some sport through the county rec center. This year instead of having the kids all in one sport we had them in three different sports. Emily and Anne chose Volleyball, Texas and Luppin chose soccer, and Samuel chose Flag Football.

Last night was Samuel’s last game and I finally remembered to bring my camera. I wish BYUFan could have been there because I am not very good at taking pictures that turn out. Maybe next time we sign Samuel up for football BYUFan will be around to take the pictures.

The first two pictures are of Samuel attempting to kick off at the beginning of the game. He was not too successful so another boy had to do it after buddy had his chance.

getting ready to kick

Good Try Samuel!!

Usually Samuel is in the front line trying to keep the other guys away from his guy who has the ball. This time Samuel got to be the one with the ball. I think he did a great job.

Here comes the ball!

GO BUDDY GO!!!!!!!!!!

Sam had a lot more fun in flag football than he did in soccer. I am sure he wants to sign up again soon.


  1. Nancy was a trooper this spring for sports as I’ve been tied up with GRE Prep class, piano lessons, and Bishopric stuff. Buddy did seem to enjoy flag football more than he did soccer but unfortunately for him he inherited his old man’s athletic genes. I’ve probably doomed him to forever be a scrub instead of a star. As he gets older I’ll have plenty of stories to relate to him when he’s disappointed at not being a star.

  2. Those are the best photos!! Well done on the priceless action shots. Who cares if he ever touches the ball, just looking for it and aiming for it is the best. Great job carpool mom! Keep the photos coming of all your events. They are awesome event pictures of really awesome kids.

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