A funny Primary Story

While doing my secretary work this past Sunday, Luppin’s teacher comes up to me and tells me a funny thing she did in class the week before. They were having a lesson about the word of wisdom and the teacher was talking about how tobacco is not good for you and that you shouldn’t chew it or smoke it. Luppin raised her hand and began to tell the class how her daddy ate tobacco with everything. Daddy has Tobacco on his eggs, his tomato sandwiches and he uses it almost every night with his dinner. After the teacher stopped laughing because of her comment, she explained to sweet Luppin that it was Tabasco not Tobacco that her daddy used.

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  1. BYUFan

    Mmmm – tobacco on eggs. It doesn’t get better than that! At least she didn’t go around telling people that I like to smoke outside in the backyard. Buddy mentioned that one day to the daughter of a counselor in the Bishopric. Next thing you know I hear about it in Bishopric meeting.

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