The part of raising a family I don’t really enjoy dealing with is that of injuries. This past weekend we had another trip to the instacare to fix another injury. It was Luppin’s turn to get some stitches.

While I was mowing the back lawn Luppin and Samuel were in the front yard playing around. I was about a third of the way done with the lawn when Texas comes up to me and tells me that Luppin is really hurt. Usually when someone is hurt I am not to worried, but when they are really hurt I come running. It turns out Luppin fell down on the front steps on her chin. There was a pretty big and deep gash and I knew that a bandage was not going to be enough. I even saw the fatty tissue under the skin. So I took Emily with me to put pressure on the wound and we went to see the doctor. Luppin was really good and stayed really still while they shot her with numbing medicine and then stitched her up. She got six stitches in all, one underneath the skin to close up the underlying tissue and five on the top to close up the skin. Now we will go back on Saturday to get the stitches taken out.



  1. That is a bad one all right. Hope it does not scar too but at least it is underneath. I was the same age as Diana when a similar injury required a very long wait in Dr Parker’s office and six or seven big black stitches. Good for her that she was still and quiet for the doctor to repair.

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