Today was the day I decided to break in my new pressure canner by doing beets. We planted two rows of beets and most of the seeds sprouted so we had tons. We started off using the beets by making Borscht and beet salad. They were really good but we grew tired of beets pretty quick so Brian told me to just go ahead and pick the rest of the beets and can them. So this past Thursday I went and plucked all the beets from the garden, laid them on the grass and cut off the greens and cleaned them off good with the hose. I then filled a bucket of water and put the beets in it and left it over night in the garage. I would have brought them inside and prepared them further, but by the time I was done picking and cleaning them I was behind on all my other chores that day so I left them for later. I decided to can them today because I did not feel like doing any of the other chores around the house that needed my attention. So here are a few pictures that show the fruits of my labors.


beet canning3


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  1. mom

    Well Done! And I liked the picture of the new pressure cooker. What goes into it next? So glad you got a new one. You deserve it.

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