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Anne painted this a while back and I thought she did a good job. She has been bugging me to post it on our website so she could get your opinion on her work. Lately Anne also has enjoyed sketching cats and has done some cute drawings maybe I can convince her to show them off as well.


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  1. Kim Davis

    wow anne you are so wonderful at this kind of stuff where as for me i can’t even draw a stick figure right. well, i can do scenery really well. i know i’m really bad at spelling, well ya you are so amazing at almost everything i’m bad at! cool girl!

  2. anne

    It’s acrylic and watercolor. My mom won’t let me use oils.

  3. mom

    Anne, that is really beautiful. It looks like a paisley pattern or a silk embroidery pattern. How big is the painting in real life? The colors are so vibrant, is it water color or oil? Very nice. Love Nana

  4. BYUFan

    Ahh, yes – the demands on a 12 year old’s time are severe indeed.

  5. anne

    Here’s how that happened: I was bored painting regular stuff, and then……this happened. It was quite fun, actually. It took a long time to complete because I didn’t have a lot of spare time.

  6. Lori

    Hey Anne, that is lovely. HOw long did it take you to complete? Did you sketch it first or have the finished product in mind when you started? It reminds me of things growing on the bottom of the ocean or a coral reef.

  7. kent

    Gorgeous. I like the navy blue and yellow swirl in the middle. My label for the painting is trilabite sediment.


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